Customer Testimonials

"I can't say enough about the service that Hummingbird has provided. We had problem after problem with our previous provider with algae in our pool. They kept telling us it was the rain and there was nothing they could do about it. Hummingbird has completely cleaned up our pool and no algae problems since. They have been responsive and courteous since the first day we called. Would highly recommend for anyone."

Josh Wiener,

"We have been customers of Hummingbird for several months now. They came to us so kind and considerate. When at the time my pool was in a terrible mishap. The company is very responsive on questions or concerns. Thank you all for you do to making the pool/spa look amazing."

Jennifer Bergeron,

"Todd does a great job with our pool! I HIGHLY recommend."

Rachel Mahaffey Wimmer ,

"Great company. Very nice and honest. Would highly recommend."

Heather LaRoche,

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